Zachary Hermes
Harvard Business School

Zachary Hermes

Dr. Zachary Hermes is an Internal Medicine physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Clinical Fellow at Harvard Medical School.

He is a John MacArthur Fellow for Medicine Leadership at the Harvard Business School. He graduated from Emory University School of Medicine as a Robert W. Woodruff Fellow, in addition to obtaining a Jurist Masters in Health Care Law and Regulation from the Emory University School of Law, and a Masters in Public Health in Health Policy and Management from the Emory-Rollins School of Public Health. He received his Bachelors of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Beyond clinical medicine, he applies his multidisciplinary skillset to lead practice redesign, drive innovation in healthcare delivery, and address inequities in care and clinical outcomes. My research interests focus on investigations into the root causes of health inequity. He has worked with the NIH/Brigham and Women’s Hospital Undiagnosed Disease Network, a multispecialty integrated clinic employing precision medicine tools to identify, understand, and treat novel diseases. He has also developed team-based, interdisciplinary care pathways to
improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery for chronic conditions. He is interested in utilizing virtual care, digital technologies, and novel biosensors to overcome barriers and inequities in access to care.

Zachary loves spending time with his wife and son, particularly exploring the New England coasts and hiking trails. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and also grew up in Appleton,Wisconsin.

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