Neal Masia
Vice President, Patient and Health Impact Centers of Excellence at Pfizer Inc.

Neal Masia

Neal Masia is Vice President, Patient and Health Impact Centers of Excellence at Pfizer Inc. and is an Adjunct Professor of Economics and Business at Columbia University.

He oversees several enterprise platform functions including Global Pricing, Real World Data and Analytics, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessments, PHI Methods and Capabilities, and Pfizer’s Center for Health System Innovation and Leadership. He also serves as Pfizer’s chief corporate economist, working with senior leadership to understand how global economic forces will shape the evolving healthcare industry and advising on strategic transactions and major business development opportunities.

Prior to his current role, Neal spent nearly 10 years in finance where he led the International Treasury organization, managed investments in Pfizer’s $13 billion pension plan, and led Pfizer’s capital markets and capital strategy functions; earlier in his Pfizer career he held roles in public policy and corporate strategy.

Prior to joining Pfizer, Neal worked as a strategy consultant, as an economist with the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, in planning and marketing at a venture-backed insurance technology startup, and as a policy advisor to Senator Bill Bradley during his 2000 Presidential campaign. Neal’s teaching focuses on the impact of public policy on the healthcare industry from an investment and management viewpoint. He earned a B.A. (High Honors) in Mathematical Economics from Colgate University in 1991 and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Rochester in 1995, where he specialized in Public Finance and Game Theory.

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