Melissa Jacobs
Boston Medical Center

Melissa Jacobs

Melissa Jacobs is a primary care nurse practitioner working at Boston Medical Center in General Internal Medicine.

She developed and currently works in a collaborative care model sharing patient panels with 2 physicians. In addition to her clinical work she is co-founder of Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Council at Boston University Medical Group/Boston Medical Center. The council is focused on supporting and promoting roles of APPs at BMC.

Additionally she is a Master of Healthcare Delivery Science candidate at Dartmouth College. This 1-year advanced degree program enrolls a diverse set of health care clinician and executive leaders looking to transform and improve our current system.

Melissa graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science and Nursing and from Northeastern University with a Masters of Science and Nursing.

Outside of work and school, she cares for her family which includes her son, Caleb, a dog and a cat! She loves to ride her variety of bikes and lets her husband take her on all sorts of adventures.

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