Kuntesh “KC” Naik

Kuntesh “KC” Naik

Kuntesh “KC” Naik has been a Humana associate for the last 7 years.

In 2019 KC joined Humana Medicaid to serve as Chief of Staff. In this role, KC works closely with the Medicaid President and Medicaid leadership to maximize efficiency and alignment across the organization.  Broadly, KC is responsible for Medicaid’s strategy, executive communications and management of key strategic initiatives.

Before joining Medicaid, KC worked at the Humana Foundation for 2 years and spent 3 years in Humana’s Corporate Strategy Organization. KC has a passion for solving tough enterprise problems, developing operational excellence, formulating & executing strategy, and championing servant leadership principles.

A true Cardinal, KC has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and M.B.A from the University of Louisville.  He is also a Humana certified Lean leader & Six Sigma Green Belt.

In his spare time KC enjoys traveling, playing golf, and learning the bass guitar.

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