Julia McDowell
CVS Health

Julia McDowell

Julia McDowell is Director of Enterprise Strategy at CVS Health, where she is currently focused on new healthcare opportunities enabled by the recent acquisition of Aetna.

At CVS, Julia has also worked on product innovation with CVS’s specialty pharmacy, enterprise adoption of new technology, evaluation of competitive threats, and organizational design for strategy and innovation. Prior to this, Julia served as Program Director of Family Planning at the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), where she designed, launched, and led the organization’s first family planning program. She oversaw the implementation of pricing deals CHAI brokered with global pharmaceutical companies to make essential contraceptive products affordable, partnering with public health systems in sub-Saharan Africa to expand access to long-acting methods of contraception for millions of women.

Early in her career, Julia was a Fulbright Fellow in Bolivia, where she collaborated with indigenous communities on environmental health and social justice issues, and later served as the Principle Investigator for Climate Change at Agua Sustentable, a local nonprofit research and advocacy organization.

Julia earned an MBA at the Yale School of Management as a Frederick Frank Fellow, and an MPH at Emory University as a Robert W. Woodruff Fellow. She completed her BA at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where she now lives with her husband, Seth.

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