Devin Nadar
Boston Children’s Hospital

Devin Nadar

Devin is the Partnerships Manager for the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator team at Boston Children’s Hospital.

In this role, she is responsible for identifying innovative ways that start-ups and established industry leaders can work with Boston Children’s Hospital to solve clinical pain points and accelerate the adoption of their products and services in pediatrics. Her focus is on cultivating partnerships that align with the strategic goals of the hospital and leveraging those relationships to thoughtfully introduce new technologies to the hospital. Concurrently, she leads product and business development projects for the hospital, working closely with a cross-functional group of clinicians, administrators and outside partners to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of each technology in the clinical setting.

Prior to BCH, Devin worked at athenaHealth, where she implemented specialty clinics and hospital clients on athena’s EMR and billing software before moving to R&D and product development. She also spent a year teaching English in France and later coordinated a study abroad program in the French Alps for Tufts University. Devin received her B.A. in Economics and French from Colorado.

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