Stanley Lapidus

Chief Executive Officer Lapidx Research

Stan Lapidus is an inventor and entrepreneur who currently serves on a number of healthcare and medical technology boards.

He was the founding CEO of three medical diagnostics companies. Two of them have been notably successful.

Cytyc Corp., which he founded in 1987, revolutionized early detection of cervical cancer through its development of the modern Pap test—the ThinPrep. The two ThinPrep prototypes are at the Smithsonian’s American Museum of National History.

EXACT Sciences, which he founded in 1995, pioneered non-invasive early detection of colorectal cancer through its Cologuard test. Since its introduction, Cologuard has become one of the fastest growing tests in the history of the diagnostics industry.

Stan holds 37 patents, primarily in methods for early detection of cancer. He served as an instructor at MIT from 2001 to 2017.

Stan graduated from Cooper Union in New York City with a BS degree in electrical engineering.