David Andresen

Stanford University

David is a student in Stanford Medicine’s Master of Science in Clinical Informatics Management (MCiM) program. MCiM aims to drive healthcare transformation with a curriculum that combines medicine, business, and technology.

David is also a Product Manager at Syllable, a healthcare automation startup using AI to improve patient experience while reducing operational costs. David leads Syllable’s voice search product, which wayfinds patients to the right destination within a health system and improves access to care. Prior to Syllable, David worked on state-of-the-art sensors at Verily as a Product Manager on the Medical Devices team. His work included remote patient monitoring to reduce preventable heart failure hospitalizations, a multisensor wearable for clinical trials, and a miniaturized, low-cost continuous glucose monitor.

David grew up in Menlo Park, CA and moved back to the Bay Area after earning his A.B. in Philosophy from Princeton University and completing the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program at Columbia University. David loves to cook, listen to music, and explore the outdoors with his wife, two children, and dog.