Akhil Upneja

Yale School of Medicine, Yale School of Management

Akhil is in the final year of a 5-year joint MD/MBA program at the Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Management. Prior to medical school, he spent a year working as a policy analyst in the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services, where he helped transition over 850,000 Medicaid members into Accountable Care Organizations. During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Akhil volunteered for the Biden campaign and worked with the non-affiliated Doctors for Biden team to improve their policy presence on social media. Over the past year, he has served as a Quality Improvement Director at HAVEN, a student-run free clinic that provides care for New Haven’s uninsured patient population. Last summer, he interned at the Geisinger Health System as a Medical Student Business Fellow, working on various value-based care projects under Dr. Edward Hartle, and he is currently applying for residency in internal medicine. Akhil grew up in State College, Pennsylvania, and graduated magna cum laude from Yale College, where he majored in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.