Aaron Foster

Vice President, Business Analytics and Insights

Business analytics is the science of driving better business decisions and having a competitive advantage to how you use statistics, artificial intelligence, and data to make them. Aaron Foster is the Vice President of Business Analytics & Insights at Pfizer. His global organization is comprised of business analysts dedicated to advancing the medicine pipeline and the commercial business in countries around the world.

Aaron’s focus is using real-world data, survey techniques and artificial intelligence to understand unmet medical need and guide Pfizer’s medicine development. He also drives marketing and sales strategies for approved medicines through communications to patients, physicians, and other healthcare stakeholders. In addition to working at Pfizer, Aaron is an Adjunct Lecturer on Biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Earlier in his career, Aaron was a statistician at KPMG LLP and a Biostatistician at Bristol Myers Squibb. He holds a Doctor of Science in Biostatistics from Harvard University and a BS in Mathematics from Morehouse College.