Heading For Home – 3Q18 Funding Environment…

The Bureau of Economic Analysis recently announced that the real Gross Domestic Product increased at a 3.5% annual rate in 3Q18, which while lower than the 4.2% reading in 2Q18, continued a streak of six quarters above 2.0%. Notwithstanding strong economic fundamentals, there appears to be evidence that the sugar high provided by the corporate tax cut may wearing off as 35% of the S&P 500 companies missed 3Q18 Wall Street revenue estimates according to FactSet.

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Gary Gottlieb is bullish on Amazon in health care

Gary Gottlieb is in a prime spot to see how technology companies are shaking up health care.

A trained psychiatrist who previously ran Partners Healthcare in Boston, one of the largest hospitals in the country, Gottlieb is currently CEO of Partners in Health, which focuses on taking care of poor people around the world.

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Medisafe Ties Revenue to App Performance as Healthcare Focuses on Results

More technology startups are embracing the healthcare industry’s increasing willingness to pay for products based on how much they improve health.

One of the latest examples comes from Medisafe, a Boston company that has developed an app-based system intended to help patients manage their medications. The company offers both a free and a paid version of the app, but most patients use the free version, a spokesperson says.

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