Flare Capital Partners Expert Roundtable Series: Generative AI: Hype or Here to Stay?

Generative AI is the latest buzz in the tech and entrepreneur world. What does this mean for healthcare, and industry with strict data regulations and high-stakes decisions? In session ten of our Flare Capital Partners Expert Roundtable Series, we led a series of discussions with seven senior operating executives and experienced entrepreneurs to hear their perspectives on the role they see generative AI playing in healthcare. Specific topics discussed include promising near-term applications, appropriate guardrails, and expectations on how use cases might evolve over time.

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Maldives – Trouble in Paradise?

Go to the end of the earth, and when you get there, turn left and go another few hundred miles and you will be at the Maldives, an independent Muslim country of ~550k people nearly 500 miles off the southern coast of India.

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