Category AI/ML Infrastructure
Current Stage Series A
Investment Date Jan 2019
Why We Invested

We invested alongside an early seed-stage experienced founder who was well known to us to help build a company to develop a novel AI software security solution focused on locating, detecting, and protecting personal health information throughout all healthtech infrastructure systems in order to avoid and mitigate related security breaches.

About Tausight

Reducing healthcare-specific cybersecurity incidents by simplifying the way hospitals and healthcare systems detect and manage PHI risk in today’s decentralized healthcare ecosystems.

A key component in having visibility into data is having the right tools in place. While the majority of cybersecurity solutions are more than adequate when it comes to fortifying physical security and ensuring leaders know what’s happening at the hardware or network layer when data is being transitioned, you don’t have visibility into where the data resides, who is using it and how, and which applications it’s touching. We built Tausight to provide organizations native visibility to sensitive PHI data and to work with and enhance existing, operationalized cybersecurity solutions to help make them ‘Healthcare Aware’.

Tausight Leadership