Category Behavioral Health
Current Stage Series B
Investment Date Oct 2022
Why We Invested

The Positive Development team is a shining beacon of hope for families managing autism. Their evidence-based, patient and caregiver centric model of care has consistently delivered higher quality outcomes and reduced costs and time of therapy for families across the country. As the industry looks to contain cost growth by shifting care into risk, Positive Development’s team and clinical model were clearly best-positioned to lead this shift. We are honored to help them further scale this model of care for a population that is underserved and desperate for better care.

About Positive Development

An integrative, developmental approach to autism intervention respecting the individuality of every child, with support based on their strengths and how they process the world around them. Developmental Relationship-Based Interventions (DRBI) support children with autism and other developmental differences holistically by including a team of Occupational, Speech, and Mental Health therapists and a developmental paraprofessional as part of the support team.

Developmental therapy clicks with the way I think about people . . . people don’t learn social connection through flash cards, they learn them on a playground or with their siblings. Your relationships are your vehicles for social learning.

Positive Development Leadership