Category Hybrid Care Delivery Metabolic Health
Current Stage Series A
Investment Date Dec 2022
Why We Invested

It’s our honor and privilege to help stand up knownwell, a patient-centered home for obesity care. For too long, patients affected by obesity are often overlooked and even shamed by their providers. Knownwell is pioneering integrated obesity and primary care scaled through hybrid care delivery and tech-enabled patient engagement. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to back a founder with deep lived experience as a patient and a world-renowned physician who has transformed obesity medicine in the past decades and support them in creating a game-changing company that will alleviate a chronic condition that impacts one of every three adults and has the medical care costs of almost $150 billion per year in the US.

About Knownwell

Weight-inclusive healthcare for all, providing evidence-based medicine that supports your unique goals. Comprehensive, patient-centered, and expert-led care, in which you and your whole body are treated compassionately.

Years of studying obesity, treating it, and experiencing it first-hand have taught me categorically that obesity is a disease, and that people living with obesity deserve medical care – free from moral judgment and discrimination whether they are seeking comprehensive primary care, weight and cardiometabolic health management or obesity treatment, all should be welcome without bias or stigma.

Knownwell Leadership