Category Analytics
Current Stage Series D
Investment Date Apr 2016
Why We Invested

Historically, healthcare data was siloed and fragmented, limiting an accurate view of the patient journey. Through cutting-edge data science, extensive data provider relationships, and unique market knowledge, it was clear that CEO Andrew Kress could bring innovation to a critical segment of the industry and ensure healthcare data could be shared in a way that maintains patient privacy. Since then, HealthVerity has built the culture, technologies, and infrastructure to succeed in this endeavor and now has the largest healthcare data ecosystem in the US.

About HealthVerity

Synchronizes transformational technologies with the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem to power previously unattainable outcomes and fundamentally advance the science.

HealthVerity doesn’t own the data. What we do is we help bring buyers and suppliers together in a really efficient and cost effective way, serving as a giant consolidation point for every consent that’s being captured – so now you have an enterprise-level view on what permissions you do and don’t have.

HealthVerity Leadership