Category Women's Health
Current Stage Seed
Investment Date Jun 2021
Why We Invested

Women’s Health is not one category. Outside of the great work companies have done to improve fertility and maternity in this country, menopause has been a stigmatized and overlooked part of clinical care for women. Less than 20% of OB/GYN’s receive training in menopause, and over 70% of women who seek treatment do not receive adequate help. Elektra is smashing the taboo of menopause and creating a comprehensive women’s health platform for patients from menopause to Medicare in partnership with the country’s leading health systems, payers and employers.

About Elektra Health

Next-gen digital health platform reimagining women’s health via telemedicine care, MD-vetted education, and private community.

At Elektra, we envision a world where every woman is empowered and thriving through menopause, and beyond. There is a massive support and care gap for women in the current healthcare system – we’re on a mission to ensure that every woman has access to evidence-based, inclusive care across their lifespan.