New York, NY

Category Primary Care
Current Stage Acquired
Investment Date Feb 2020
Why We Invested

The Eden Health team had a unique vision to improve the convenience and experience of primary care for employed populations. Their combination of virtual-first primary care and navigation, combined with as needed in person care met employees and beneficiaries where they lived and has experienced superior levels of engagement and outcomes.

About Eden Health

Virtual-first, comprehensive primary care platform providing 24/7 on-demand telehealth, behavioral health, and patient navigation services onsite and near workplace clinics.

Our mission is to create a world where all people have a relationship with a trusted healthcare provider. We started the company because we saw family members and 
friends dealing with the nearly impossible task of finding a medical provider who would be their supporter and advocate throughout their health journey. We believed we needed to find a way to connect the two and get the rest of the distractions out of the way. We see the impact on our members every day and are focused on realizing our mission for more and more members around the country.