Category Analytics
Current Stage Series B
Investment Date Jun 2021
Why We Invested

We initially invested in Axuall when it was clear that workforce issues in healthcare were significant and that executives required materially better tools to address acute labor issues exposed by the pandemic. The initial value proposition of the platform focused on streamlined provider credentialing, which has been a manual, time-consuming, and expensive process, taking upwards of three months to complete. Shortening this to a few weeks was a clear and obvious hard ROI, and Axuall has since expanded to a real-time digital credential network that delivers coverage across the entire healthcare workforce.


About Axuall

Workforce intelligence company built on top of a national real-time practitioner data network, enabling healthcare systems, staffing firms, telehealth, and health plans to dramatically reduce onboarding and enrollment time.

Healthcare organizations must navigate a complex terrain of increasing demand, workforce shortages, and economic pressures. Shortages and onboarding delays can result in lost revenue, patient leakage, and increased burnout. Since clinicians represent the single largest expense in the budget while driving the vast majority of revenue for organizations, optimizing this supply and demand dynamic is critical to clinical outcomes and financial success. This is not only key to the success of our healthcare institutions but also vital to everyone. It’s a mission worth fighting for, which is why we are all so motivated to achieve it.

Axuall Leadership